FAT ti test run


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My newly arrived Fat ti, midway through it's first ride in the U.K.
Pictured out side an old aircraft hanger in the late afternoon winter sun.


A little further into the ride, it was time to pause and watch the sun start setting.
The massive saddle bag was full of tools to keep bike and rider rolling, (also doubles as a handy mudguard)


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It rolls good...


Agreed, it would look a little more nimble sans saddle bag!
However now its winter time just about anything goes here...



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the Buck Shaver


Prior to the Ti arrivng my trusty FAT was this very bright (even on a night ride!) red Buck Shaver.
My fellow riders (with a certain amount of irony) dubbed it the 'Huck Raver'...neither bike or rider have yet to do anything of the sort.

It been a fine bike to travel long distances on, and generally cruise around the trails.
It's built up with a mostly U.K. component spec: Pace (hub / forks / stem) XLite (s'post / bar ends), Middleburn (crank + rings). + some blue bits. Wouldn't reccomend using V's on the back tho' the stays flex a lot! (geuss that's why its such a mellow ride?).