Fat vs IF

Doug Carter

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Can anyone who has ridden both bikes offer any comparrisons? How close are they? What improvements has IF carried over to their bikes from Fat?

Just wondering... I'm contemplating an IF to hold me over while I search for a Yo.



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Hi Doug,

see the thread above....... re. steel differences...

I have never ridden a FAT TI but I own 2 TI IF's (one canti, one disk)........ I love them both but sometimes wonder what would have happened had I taken up Wendyl's offer of buying one of the last ones left in the inventory when FAT folded.......

You would not be dissapointed with an IF...... I got into them 'cause FAT folded.


Mountain Goat

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I've owned an IF and its a great bike........but there's something special about a Yo (maybe its just nostalga kicking in)......I certainly would refuse an IF.

De Kerf or an original Bonty are other cool alternatives, both of which I have in the collection.