Flexy TI seatstays?


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Hi all,

I noticed that my TI Fat ("new" style frame) seatstays flex visibly with the application of the XTR V-brakes. There's a marked difference in the feel of the levers front vs. back.

I have yet to test it out, but I just found a vintage Gorilla booster on Ebay and installed last night. Looking forward to seeing if this makes a difference - and even if it doesn't, I guess I'll be glad to know that I'm not flexing the stays as much.

Anyone else observe this on their bikes? My Wicked doesn't flex at all - but the Deore XT cantilevers probably aren't exerting as much force as V-brakes....



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V-brakes will definitely flex steel seatstays. I've noticed both on my Yo Eddys and on my WTB Phoenix. My favorite booster is the DKG. I heard Dave did a recent new run of them--