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For sale "Yo Eddy" Team '93?

Fat Eddy

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For sale '91 "Yo Eddy" Team, No rust! (size medium) Taking Fair Offers!

I really don't want to take less than $500 for it (I know it's gotta be worth that) but I'm in a pinch now (503 995 1098)

I have for sale a 91 "YO EDDY TEAM. It was built Massachusetts and had Mag 21's. Replaced with Rock Shox Indy's and a stem and bars from a KHS Montana, (about six years ago) plus it is a medium size frame and is sadly too small for or I would never let it go. I can get the original bars(Answer Hyperlite possibly) and maybe the original stem


Original Components
.PLATINUM crank set less the smallest cog (replaced), broke in half years ago, I think the Chain skipped off to the left as I was transitioning to a steep uphill (probably from the derailuer being out of adjustment or shifting a tad too late)
.SHIMANO Group XTR brakes, DEORE XT headset, DEORE DX front d


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Sorry guys, I bought it a few weeks ago. I am going to post some pics of it along with my other yo eddy.