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I recently restored my 1991 Yo Eddy ...except for the "Yo Eddie" stickers for the toptube. When I purchased the bike in 1991, I had to beg to get FatCity to send an extra sticker kit with the bike --I knew that I would probably keep it long enough that a repainting would be needed. The sent the kit and a dozen years later I realize that the left out two frame stickers. The bike draws much attention, but most ask which model.

Any help is helpful.


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Also need Yo Eddy frame sticker set - 1993

I am in the same boat. Recently a theif strip mined my yo and damaged the down tube stickers quite badly. Please let me know if anyone knows of a source for stickers. I am not picky on colors as my current ones are the pink and white on black that was the "production" setup that year.

the theivy bugger broke into our basement and stripped off every piece of jewelry i had accumulated over several years and during a rebuild in 2000. luckily the bugger didnt get the frame and couldn't pull off my RSR cranks.

the rest I am in the process of hunting down. just got me a 29.4 syncros seatpost from a VT shop and the rebuilding has begun...


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no reply yet...

still haven't heard back from her yet so I sent her another email tonight.

are you sure this is her correct address?

no rush just don't want to pester someone else! :roll:

Doug Carter

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Wendyl's eBay username is "yobetty1956". I think that user is German, which could explain a few of your problems. ;)


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no sweat!


it's so awesome that we are able to connect like this guys. thanks for sharing information so freely as I did connect with Wendyl and she got back to me this morning. I sent my apologies to frau Yo Betty #1 :) :D

now all I have to do is get my serial number off of my frame - which is in boston! DOH! :shock:


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by the same tokens, wendyls extremely pleased by the level of interest that exists for FAT.

with fatcogs, my intional now 10,000odd hits thread & the still high prices FATs make, its pleasing to still be appreciated :)