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FS '91 wicked large


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$1000. OBO
This is the current build. XTR brakes, Groovy forks. white hubs.
Will include all original parts I seemed to not be able to get rid of- including mavic wheels, 6 speed, xt thumbies, threaded mag 51, salsa threaded stem, fat chance flat bars, biopace large chainring. everything except the buss saw granny gear.

Looking for a local sale or you can have it shipped from my LBS.

Just got a new 29'er that looks like it will be getting all the use.


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Wow 5 years later.
Price drop $500

Have all stock parts minus the forks, currently has Groovy Yo style rigid forks. also have judy and rock shock that was on it.

Excellent shape still. I just dont fit on it as well as my 29er


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Ok here is whats included.
the rock shock I ran for years with the little air pump and needle with gauge.
I have the original shifters, brakes and some XTR combo and separates since I preferred that. some other odds and ends I saved.
I have the original wheels- not pictured, original seat- also not pictured, true temper fat flat bars not pictured.

$500 buyer pays shipping and pay pal fees.


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this is original paint, I used to spray wd 40 in the seat post down tube if it got wet.
The price is what it is take it or leave it. Not going to sell for $400 or $400 shipped thank you.
I know what I have I've loved it for decades. I would like it to go to a good home.


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This bike is pristine, California all it’s life. I used to wax it with car wax.
The shipping is stupid expensive. I have pretty much all the stock parts.
These were made when parts lasted.
I put xt stuff on it. I even have the rock shock I ran for 15/20 yrs.
The stock rims just started to wear through at the brake.

Whoever snags this is getting a great bike.

E mail me as I don’t frequent this site

Smittylube at gmail.com


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I am leaving my shop and this needs to go.
I'm shocked no one has wanted this knowing how well it rides and looks.
Shipping is stoopid expensive like $200 +. I am not paying it thank you.

make offer

I'll part it out
Groovy forks, frame, shifters, bars etc.

Someone is going to get a killer deal. original paint in excellent condition.

smittylube at gmail dot com

Goodwill maybe