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FS: Amp F3 XCs


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I've just found this site through a link on the Singletrack forum.

Since I've got a pair of F3s sitting under the stairs doing nothing I thought I'd offer them up on here.

So: Pair of Amp F3 forks with dark anodised aluminium legs (Not carbon, and not the polished ones). Good to very good condition: they've been off the bike for at least 4 years and I gave them a thorough clean when I took them off.

1" steerer and regular black (medium) spring. I'll measure the steerer length and post it as soon as possible, and also put up some pictures too.

I'll post them anywhere, but I live in South Wales if anyone that may want them wants to come and pick them up.

Price wise - make me an offer.

Okey doke, that's it.



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Right-o, here are (hopefully) some pics:



They're a little on the large side...


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I am interested in these if the steerer is long enough and they are cheap enough. PM me an idea of how much you want for them.