Full disc fat


Can anyone verify if this is an original fat with rigid disc fork?


Framework: Fat chance yo Eddy Fork: Fat chance Framework height: 18 tariff Control item: Cris King Porch: Ritchey Wes Steering wheel: Syntace Crank: Ultegra Interior camp: Ultegra Switching device: Ultegra 9 subject Umwerfer: LX Shift lever: Ultegra 9 subject Brakes: Hayes HFX LIKES Disc Hubs: XT Disc Rims: Mavic X223 Spokes: DT Competion Tire: IRC Mytos Saddle bracket: Syncros hard core Pinion: 11 - 28 9 subject Ultegra Chain: Hg 93 Pedals: PDM 535 The Fat chance yo Eddy is a piece of cream and a something for lovers of the cycle racing. It did not often drive in a perfect condition, there, since I am too large for the framework somewhat. It stood never in the free one and was always maintained. A check UP made it before attitude in Ebay my bicycle mechanic and is everything correct. The wheel is not pitch black, scratches in the lacquer.


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@kokies: is that a Babelfish translation or what? ;-) It could very well be an original. When I bought my Yo Eddy! from Wendyll in 2001, I was offered two options: a yellow size M frame that was disc only, or a Hot Lava size L that had disc bosses and canti studs. I picked the latter because of he size.
It is too bad this German seller did not post the serial number. Nice setup by the way: very sporty with that Ultegra gruppo.


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if it's disc and as spikes pointed yo's had a disc option somewhere late, it would also be made w/ a much longer a-c fork in mind. the fork in the pic is not the case. the BB does not look like it has dropped significantly w/ the short fork so i say something does not look kosher. it could be the pic angle. it could be someone brazed a disc tab back there.

Yo Eddy!

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The pics are very bad, but the fork is not a Yo fork nor a BOI.

It looks like it has non tapered stays and powerdomes, but again: very poor pics.


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If I am not mistaken, the disc option on the Yo! was a Hayes style 2-bolt mount on the bottom left chainstay. This bike here seems to have IM mounts or whatever they are called on the left top chainstay.

There is another weird thing though: the cable stop on the seat tube is somewhere in the middle of the tube. My Yo!, which is one of the last (maybe even the last) has the cable stop up very high. Almost at the junction of top tube and seat tube.

Weird eh?


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just to clarify the few FATs that were made with disc brakes used the old hayes chainstay mount versus the now conventional 51mm IS mount on the seatstay. I believe there are converter plates available to allow IS mount brakes on old hayes mount frames.
normally when a non disc frame gets a later disc tab conversion some sort of reinforcement is needed to stop the stay from being crimped under heavy braking. In the case of the plain guage yo eddy stays maybe they're strong enough already?. Our resident frame builder Rody might have more indepth knowledge.


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@kokies: looks familiar to me :)

By the way: I contacted the buyer and told him about our discussion. I thought it was all a bit suspicious since the seller didn't answer questions about the serial number etc.

Here is the story: It is a real Yo alright, but the frame was altered (destroyed) by mounting disc tabs and removing the canti studs. The seller obviously never mentioned this, so the eventual winner on eBay never picked up the bike.


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Here is the story: It is a real Yo alright, but the frame was altered (destroyed) by mounting disc tabs and removing the canti studs.

I think upgrading to discs is fine - not destroying the frame at all. I considered switching my Yo to disc but I really like my Grafton Speed Controllers and wanted them to stay - cannot resist purple anodized parts. I changed the BB shell before I sent it out for a repaint.. I guess to each his own.

Just putting in my $0.02.