gettin' the Yo back into shape


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This should help me stay diligent in rebuilding my 1991 Yo Eddy, owned since new :)

Some bits:

Salsa roller stem
No logo CK headset
Fluoro Taperlite
Onza chromo ski bends
IRD post (shimmed from 27.2)
black perf turbo
XC Pro front mech
XT rear mech
silver XT m730s and silver Moon Units
silver Raceface crank and black rings
black Diacompe SS-7s
likely Ourys

...not quite sold on the wheels/tires yet. Plan A is to steal the CK set from the Wicked and give it some XT hubbed hoops instead. I'd like to get some FAAAT new Specialized tires on the Yo Eddy, like 2.4 in front and 2.2 in back....


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sweeeeet... what size is it? Got to love BLACK frames. The red taperlite bar is pretty.

I need to get a couple new tires for my wicked and i am torn: timbuk2's from first flight or wtb velociraptors. I am away from home and brought the wicked.. terrain here is rugged, dry, big.


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It was originally Kandy Wild Cherry....then I crashed and destroyed the fork. I made a slight crack in the headtube so Fat took it back and repaired and offered to repaint whatever color I wanted. For some reason, I chose black.... and fitted gold Mag 20s.

A year or two ago I found a Kandy Wild Cherry Yo fork. I was thinking about repainting, but this one has some nice battle scars, and has severed me well for over 20 years. So she'll be back in black with a Kandy Wild Cherry fork :)

Colker-- it is actually a pretty traumatic flavor of neon ORANGE. I was thinking about an all-black build...but I think with the purple and orange a smattering of silver will be nice.

I hear you on tires though. I just really want to get close to the 2.5" capacity, and that leaves good modern options and not much chance of finding old giant Spesh's.

Here's the replacement Yo fork next to the one I had made for my Wicked before install sometime last year.

A previous mock-up looked something like this:


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I don't like the color clash and then i like it cause it means frame and fork have both history.
My wicked, curiously, is also candy wild cherry.. I fit a brand new metallic purple wicked fork on it and the clash was too much. NOw it has a white repaint(by me) fat city unicrown.. i kept the purple and found another fat city unicrown.
In the future i will open the wallet for a bontrager composite.

PS: mavic sunset rims.. had a pair. sweet.


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Here's a little mock-up with the blacked out wheelset from the Wicked.


I'm stoked to get this one back together..... and I like the color clash. Keep everything in the red-orange-purple span and it'll be a bad (meaning good) trip :) May have to go black Hyperlite instead tho....

And PS---that Sunset/black CK wheelset is now on my Phoenix. They're the perfect amount of understated ano bling :)


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That's funny---nice Yo.

I may have to swap collars or cranks. I have Rody's repops here, but the old RF's are pretty thick and may bottom out against the pretty thick collars. 113mm spindle and I still have gobs (well, mm's) of chainstay clearance.


That's funny---nice Yo.

I may have to swap collars or cranks. I have Rody's repops here, but the old RF's are pretty thick and may bottom out against the pretty thick collars. 113mm spindle and I still have gobs (well, mm's) of chainstay clearance.

Props to Rody for all those years of supplying Fat parts, but those collars were not very usable. I bought three sets to have spares and couldn't run a single one on any of the Fats that I've worked on because the cranks would bottom out. I bet if I had a longer spindle they would have worked well.

I may have a spare one if you need it are willing to play nice ;)
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More progress (?). Swapped black King for silver, black Graftons for Race Face, different spindle, different wheels (the Sunset/King set is on my WTB), grabbed the stem/bars/seatpost from my '93. Still deciding on whether to use black m734s as pictured, or Joe's cantis.


The Wicked got a little attention lately too (new headset/different wheels/saddle):




Our bikes are reverse twins...


Nice looking bike! (Nate, so is yours.)

On a semi-related note... On a run Tuesday afternoon I passed a local shop that sells a few bikes on consignment. There was a Yo sitting out front that caught my eye; I stopped and looked it over. On Wednesday I ran the same route and stopped to ask the shop about it. A few minutes later I was the owner of a '92 Yo painted Candy Wild Cherry. It came with a '96 Judy SL (originally it had a Manitou). The pic of the bike above with the black fork has me thinking about options. :)