Girvin Forks


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Has anyone ever used a girvin fork?
I tried an AMP fork on my SM Yo and it protruded too far back and hung up on the down tube gussett
My All-Slop sem has seen better days and I can't find a nice Rock Shox with a 1 inch steerer at a good price



Don't do it, wait until you find something decent.

I'm sure if you look on ebay something will turn up or put a wanted notice up... anything but a Girvin! :lol:

forest warrior

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i like much the suspension-characteristic of most parallelogram-designs, but the girvin is somehow too heavy, makes the steering inactive. ( it s like switching from 1" slicks to 2.3" cc-tires ).
beside, the girvin is relative heavy, but also got better durability than amp or ice...

if u haven t ridden one, don t get one. u may be disappointed...

ride on


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One of my favorite mountain bikes of all-time was a Proflex 954 (with Girvin fork). I rode that thing into the ground, breaking two swingarms in the process. The Girvin fork is/was great. Yo Eddy! is right about the looks of it on a rigid frame, though....