Global Bike Ride 10-10-10 10:10AM


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Inspired by the "Retrobike Global Night Ride"
I was impressed by the great response and nice individual groups that joined the Ride.
So i was thinking, why not try to make this a wider Global Bike thing, just try to get as much people as possible at the same time on the bike (besides the timezone's) regardless if it is a (Retro)mountainbike, Tour or race,..just enjoy riding their bike.

I would love to hear and see the individual story and pictures and initiatives from around the world

Because the internet is a strong tool in this case i made a facebook page to collect all story's and people in 1 place

I would like to hear what you think about this and if you support this initiative and own a facebook profile, please ad yourself and spread the word, let me see what your plans are for 10-10-10 10:10am


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48 members and at least 1 confirmed Fat rider ;)
come on guys, join the ride and show me your Fat ride