got my big one fork yesterday...


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thanx to a fellow forum member from germany i received big one yesterday.

i couldnt resist installing it right after i took it out the box.

the ride is awesome me retro ..but i think yo needs this fork.

i will post some pics soon.

right now the color doesnt match my aquafade frame. i will get it painted soon.

but i think i will do in winter....


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pic :)



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That looks terrific - those lines are just perfect.

Like yours, my Yo has a Big 1" and sometimes I just stare at it contentedly, taking it all in. The Yo frame and Big 1" fork were meant for each other.

What frame size is that?

Ti-Fat Man

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Big One & Ducati leathers!

Now that big 1 doesn't need a respay, just plugging into the front of my Ti!
Sure would look sweet. Keep regretting the fact that I px'd my fork for some whim part in current vouge at that time, heh fashion! Quality last's for ever.
Saw the Duke leather's. Q. Have you got the hardwear to go with the leathers? I got me a 748sp sat in the garage she sits under the Fat hanging from the rafters. Al.