Got My Yo Today!

yo' djblu

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Well she arrived friday but work had prevented me from opening the box! Today was the day. I got her here on Fat Gogs! This bike is so clean you can eat off it. The anti chain suk thingies are all intack and there is not a spot of dirt under them! My wife and I took her to the video store today here are some snaps.

A 94 yo in aqua fade sn 079y4m and hers is a 94 yo in sapphire fade 373y4sm!

More to come!


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Yo Eddy!

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WOW! - sounds great! Looks great too, for as far can be seen. Somewhat larger pics would be great.

So you received the package and were able to wait another day... that would have been pretty tough wait I guess.

Congrats with your mint Mass Yo! The Saphirefade is great too.

Keep us updated on how it goes.