Gotta black magic woman - 1991 Santana Moda


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Actually I'm not quite sure of the size - it's quite possibly smaller than an 18", it's yellow and has a small dent in the center of the the top tube on the non drive side. You can see it in the profile pic. If you zoom in there's a dot right in the middle where the paint has chipped (it almost lines up with the seat post in the background).

It's been sitting brand new for 20 years and somewhere along the line it fell or got knocked there you go.

I'll pm you the shop info

Thanks, I appreciate it.


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Santana Moda

Just signed up today because, first I bought a Fat and second I wanted to see the pictures of the Moda in this thread. I have the later TIG welded Moda with trigger shifters.(see photos) I alway thought it was a 1990 but I could be mistaken. The pictures show how it looked when purchased, I have since installed NOS tires and a Flite saddle.


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Still looking for a 21" Moda...still haven't found one.

I've been riding my Wicked on the road a bunch, with Compass Rat Trap Pass 2.3" tires. The bike is really fast on the road - and on gravel it flies.

I'm still interested in the Moda set up for road, it would be a beast I'm sure.

Anyways...if anyone comes across something like the bike featured in this thread, let me know!