Grafton Speed Contollers value?

Retro Dude

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Hi Guys - My brother has a set (for two wheels) of these he doesn't need and is looking to sell but not sure what they are worth. They are black and have all the hardware.

Any thoughts on value?



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Auctions can really inflate prices, but if I were buying I think that $200 for a set in really nice condition is reasonable baseline to work up or down from. A new set of Pauls + a bit more $$ for vintage scarcity and that price isn't unreasonable if that is what you are looking for to complete a build. That isn't a price that I would buy them on a whim though....$150 is an easy sell for that. Also, this all depends on condition.

If they are in near new, really nice shape and there were multiple bidders competing they could also easily go higher.....but I have seen nice sets go a good deal cheaper too. Depends on how fast he wants to sell, how much money he has in them/wants out, and all the other imponderables.