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Groovy Big Wheel 29r - Paragon Sliders - Ho Down Fork


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SOLD 1/22/10

Hey Fat Coggers. This isn't a fat, but one of the very next best things. Rody built this for the NAHB show. I think some of you might have seen it. I have been doing some more aggressive riding lately (pronounced tight switchbacks) and have decided to move back to 26" wheels. I have loved this bike incredibly, and taken excellent care of it. Now it's time to let someone else give it love.

Without further ado. Jolly Rancher Camo Big Wheel; Ho-Down Fork; Paragon Sliders; Rigged for SS or a Rohloff. $1200 for frame and fork + shipping. If you want matching Ti Luv Handles, it will be an extra $250.

Link to MTBR ad for more detail: http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=45013

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I have a similar Groovy Big Wheel with a Ho Down fork and Rohloff drivetrain that I picked it up in February at NAHBS. It quickly became my favorite bike. The responsiveness and ride and being almost maintenance free have even convinced me to race it long distances (something I thought I had given up).

Rody builds awesome bikes so I hope it goes to a good home!