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Handbuilt 56cm Fixed Gear, very special - $925


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Handbuilt 56cm Fixed Gear, very special - $925 (fairfax)

This bike is special.

I built the frame while I was working for Fat City Cycles. 57cm top tube, 56cm seat tube. The fork is a prototype fork that resembles the infamous 'big one inch' fork. only one of these forks exist and this is it. the frame is basically a 56cm slim chance using columbus SPX tubes and campy pista drop outs. This is one stiff and tough bike.

The bars have been hand wrapped with thick leather. I cut and stiched the leather myself. this is the only way to make crashproof bar wrap.

The bike has been well ridden. it has no problems at all other than some scratchs in the paint and some light rust. a new paint job would make this bike look new again.

I really do not want to part with this bike, but i will probably not ride it in earnest again and it is taking up valuable space that i need for bikes i do ride. it is time it had another owner.

Suntour Superbe Pro Track Cranks, 165mm, 48t ring
Suntour Superbe Pro Track Hubs, High flange
Suntour Superbe Pro front brake, non-aero lever
Suntour Superbe Pro cog, 16t or 17t, includes 13t & 14t NOS
Suntour XC Pro Pedals, medium clips
Chris King Headset
DT spokes and alloy nipples
Sella Italia Flite Ti Gel saddle
Shimano UN72 BB
Shimano Deore XT Seatpost
Cinelli bars and stem
Continental tires
Mavic Open 4CD rims

e-mail me pvd@peterverdonedesignsDOTcom


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What the hell is that smell???

Oh yeah, it's the stank of future regret. :eek:

Dude, tell the wife to sell some shoes and stick it in the closet, or better yet, I'll be glad to store it for you, no charge. Whatever you do, don't relinquish ownership. In ten/twenty years you'll be searching the web looking for that bike you built once upon a time.

I know....I'm looking for one of mine that I built early in my frame career.

Pardon the smell, my regret is seeping into the thread...:mad:







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