Help!! I have TONS of questions


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I must tell you I am not much of a rider. Haven't been on a bike much at all in 24 yrs. That was when my son was born.
My baby brother was the big rider in the family. He actually worked at more than one shop as well. Sadly he passed away a couple years ago. I have inherited his bikes via my mom. I would like to start riding more and have begun riding a Specialized (Comuter???) bike. In the bikes that I have now there is a Yo! Eddy It does not have a seat post or seat on it but otherwise its all there. Looks like a great MTB
I would love any info that anyone can give me on this bike. I will include pictures of the bike.
I suppose my most pressing questions are regarding the seat post what size post would I need to buy? and any recommendations on a decent brand that wont break the bank until I see if I am going to use the bike very often or not.
Also, my mom is under the impression that this is an extremely rare bike so any info gained regarding year and possibly value would be wonderful. I am unsure if my brother ever registered his bike in your forum but if by chance you have this serial# on file I would love to know.

Thanks in advance for any info
Belynda Boyd Kendall


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.mainlyfats thanks for the info on the bike and stem I will check the next trip I make to Memphis. These no a bike store here. Haha gotta love the country life.

So I assume this is a bike I should hold onto either way

Thanks again


It's a great bike. Not worth a ton - $675-$850 would be my guess - but a fantastic example of a race bike from the era. It's light, quick handling and looks like it was updated for function - not just to stare at.

Perhaps best of all, you'll make friends with this bike. :beer:


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I sure hope we make friends. It's a pretty cool bike. He was super proud of this one. It's gonna take some learning on my part. Haven't ridden in years so technology sorta passed me right by... just got to put in the time. I must say the fat chance seems less intimidating than the Gary fisher road bike haha.
Thanks again for the help


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Considering the rest of the components, a Thomson seatpost would be appropriate on there (readily available in 29.4, quality, completely bombproof, guaranteed, & made in USA!)

That is really a great machine you've got there, worth more in ride quality than cash. And in team lavender no less, with great solid components intended for actual riding.

Your Brother left you a really nice way to remember him, out on the trails on a great bike.


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Thanks. I really like this one. He had many and I have others of his but this one he was very proud of. I plan to ride it and keep it forever. Just wanted to be sure it's not too nice of a bike for my old but to go out and spill on a few times. I am sure it's coming.


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Nice bike with quality parts. Keep it in a dry storage spot and it should provide years of enjoyment. You may want to swap out the pedals for basic flat ones.

Happy riding !