Heres mine (again...)


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Frame type: Yo Eddy
Frame number: 610y3m
Year of manufacture: 1995
Frame size: M
Color: Aquamarine fade
Location: Warwick, Midlands UK
Owner name: Jez Hammond
Photo: here it comes------>


Doug Carter

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Yup, Melvin is correct... 610Y3M is a '93, and an original Sommerville Fat. Hooray! :)

Gonna move this to the Reader's Rides Gallery section...


Djuc Wun

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Mix those Colours!

blimey, is there a plan to bring al the colours together? reminds me of a wheel I omce saw built up with about 12 different colours of alloy nipple and a blue/white/red Bullseye hub, Lemon Mavic rim and Ti-dye spokes...

still, some lovely stuff on it


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yeah I was trying to keep teh colour sto a minimum. In fact the fade Yo eddy prefers blue and green Im sure.... but cos of the red top caps on the Judys I was moving to a rasta theme (pauls rasta levers and Salsa Qrs). Id gladly swap my blue graftons for red or green ones if anyone has them?

Time to get rid of the blue stuff...