Heretic - opinions?


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Hi all,

I've been a FAT rider since the late '80's. In college, my first real mtn bike was a Wicked Fat Chance. I rode and raced that through the mid-90's and after my first real job, I bought a Ti Fat.

The Ti remains my main mountainbike - rigid, with mostly original parts. The Wicked is a bit of a frankenbike at this point - a few replaced components, and a yo-eddy fork, after the original was bent. I don't ride the Wicked much anymore, mainly the XT components are starting to show their age - phantom shifting and whatnot. The beautiful custom blue-silver fade is in OK condition (but messed up by the replacement black fork) and the decals are all but gone.

I'd started a small collection of vintage parts to refurb the Wicked - I have XT hubs laced to Mavic Oxy M2's, a new cassette, new derailleurs, etc. The more I think about it though, I'd like to just modernize / yuppiepimp the Wicked instead of doing a vintage resto.

New paint job, maybe decals, maybe not, White single speed drivetrain, White eccentric hubs, Pauls cantis, riser bar, slicks. Sounds like a good way to keep riding this wonderful old frame, IMO.

Any opinions on this?

Also would be interested in the group's thoughts on who to do the frame refurb (in the US), and whether any updates should be done to the frame while it's naked - disc brakes? (probably not) Is there a way to update the head tube or bottom bracket? As it is, I'm faced with using a threaded headset, my Salsa stem, and the press in bearings (I do have a set of Rody's collars, thanks to a generous Cogger.)

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your thoughts.


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The salsa stem rocks don't mess with it in my opinion...

I used to think they were clubby, but they really are fantastically stiff and normally have enough rise to make it acceptable. (I see alot of people paying big bucks for custom cromo stems, and these are just as good)

I would not modify the head tube or the BB.

unless the BB is seized or catching, i would pry out the seal and put some grease in there on the inside part of the bearing not the outer facing. IF they roll smooth then leave it vs grease

I have done the eno hubs and paul brakes on one of my wickeds

It was very nice...I think there is a pic online here (it was teal) - shot before I put on the pauls.

I would powdercoat vs paint if this is gonna be a trusty townie type bike. It's more durable and cheaper. (plus you can get your stem redone to match)
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Agreed on the Salsa stem! Thanks for the tip on the powdercoat, I'll look into's gonna be a townie, yes.

Thanks for the link. I'll have to remember to take a "before" pic for sure!



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I have an 89 Wicked that I bought new and converted to a SS some years back. I use a mix of vintage and newer parts (Pauls, Grafton, Syncros, etc) and use it as one of my main rides. Works great, can't go wrong.
I had this bike painted at AirArt in Georgia but there are lots of other painters out there too


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Rick, AirArt or AirGlow? If the former do you have any info about them?

We used to use AirGlow back in the day, but while their website is still up they appear to be out of biz.


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Air Glow

ooops, my bad, it was indeed Air Glow. In Washington GA IIRC. It is possible that they are no longer in business, but there are lots of others out there.
Has anyone considered a disc brake conversion, or is that just goin' too far? :skull:
Eric from New Hampshire showed up to the 30 Year Fat Party last year with this Large Yo Eddy with disc brake conversion. If I had the right bike (say a frame that had already had repair) I wouldn't hesitate to do the conversion:)





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If you just want something cool...with diminished resale value go fo it. I would only consider on a late model bike, with other issues like paint or tube replacement problems. I would want a support tube between stays.


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Thanks for all the feedback! I appreciate all of your insights - and will be thinking about them all as I make my decisions.

For what it's worth, this is a pretty old bike - 1987-ish is when I bought it. Custom paint - to match the Wicked that was featured in Mtn Bike Action back then - the one with the Campy Centaur.

Paint isn't in bad condition, it's just a little timeworn. In fact I'd say it's in great (always kept indoors) condition for a bike that age that was a racer / rider. The difference is that I'm not going to sell the bike, so the resale isn't it - it's about getting it ridden again!