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I know that some of the, shall we say more devote FAT worshippers only consider the pre- serrotta FATs as the only true FAT.
FAT has spawned many companies, SRP, Merlin, KingKage.. all ex FAT workers. When I get the offiicial say-so off wendyl I'll be able to explain the IF FAT relationship better.

The first IFs were pretty much carbon copies of the Yo, but with slimmer dia seatstays (which apparently is a custom option some of the FAT crew did to make their Yos slightly more forgiving). I'll get the full spiel off wendyl on that one & update later.

I test rode a 03 IF Ti recently (SSMM) & I gotta say, hand on heart, I prefered my FAT. the bike seemed pretty harsh (over what isnt a rough course) & although stable, didnt really inspire me. This could be a case of Michael Jordans Nikes, the FAT just making it feel special!

yo' djblu

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fat is the best!

I have ridden MANY a bike in my day and still to this day when I got my wife a fat and put my butt in the seat I felt like I was home again. I ride a ti-litespeed and my wife


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The If's also had a slimmer top-tube.

IME owning both a Yo and a Steel IF (albeit SS), the Yo has much more direct and positive acceleration, however it is at the expense of comfort, the skinnier tubes on the IF do make for a more comfier ride, but the Yo feels quicker and sturdier....... Mind you the IF is Reynolds 853 main tubes whilst the Fat is TT OX so it's a bit apples/oranges as far as comparisons go.

Both have their merits, there's room for both (get back with the program Chris :) )