How old is this?

so cal dude

New member
Hi folks,
I happen to have a wicked fat that has been professinaly re-painted (new stickers and all). And I just would like to know approximately how old it is.
I can't get a hold of the original owner.
Any ideas?
The serial number is: 02539w
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. very cool site.

Doug Carter

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Welcome to the site!

The serial number is: 02539w

It's a 1989 Wicked, going by the serial numbers. In '88 and '89, they used the frame type as a letter designation at the end, i.e. W for Wicked, F for Fat Chance, etc. From my database, it looks like the first 4 digits are the frame number for those years. The fifth number is the year, in this case "9" for 1989.

Again, there was little in the way of consistency in the way Fat stamped their frames. We have stuff in the registry that breaks all rules, but this one seems to fall within the standards for those years.

Hope that helped,