Ibis is Back

Tomas Mifek

New member
A return to steel?

The start of another "trend"? Sense and logic returning to the "market"? Will the resurected Ibis's first forged creation be a battle-axe with which to slaughter the foul horde of product and marketing managers who know **** about riding at the Vegas show? Will Scot Nicols liberate the unwashed masses from the industry's tyranny of darkness? Anakin Skywalker returned from the Dark Side. Will we let this opportunity pass?? TO ARMS!! TO ARMS!! LIGHT THE FORGE OF STOWE!! TO SOMMERVILLE!! TO VEGAS, THE CITY OF SIN!! SHOW NO MERCY!! BE RUTHLESS!! LEAVE NONE ALIVE!!



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can I have some of whatever you're drinking please ;D

tho I'm curious to see whats new from Ibis :)