If you could ask Chris Chance 1 question...


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... what would you ask (sensible questions only please!)

I asked wendyl some time ago if she could ask Chris a few questions that perhaps loyal/avid/nutter! fatcogs would like answered.

So you lucky people! please field your question here & I'll try to get the best of them answered (in the depths of time that is my dis-organised life!)

eg, Do you actually know what yo eddy is? Did you know that the original Yo betty was a cat? etc.. ;D

Mountain Goat

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Why.......when and how did it all go wrong <sob> ?

I heard a rumour that some Riders in the Tour De France (late 80's or early 90's) rode resprayed / badged Chris Chance road bikes and that somebody (dont know who) actually won a time trial on one........is this true and if so who was it ?

Cant you start producing Fat's again, I'm sure the market is turning?

I also heard a rumour from a crazy canadian that Chris Chance was studying to be a Neurosurgeon (or something similar) is this true?

Who really invented the first mountain bike, I refuse to believe it was Gary Fischer (I met him and he has real attitude problem)?


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I heard he'd spent time studying to be a masseur..... which seems a lttle far-fetched!

But yeah, get back to the torch Chris.....

Doug Carter

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OK, I'll add to the untruths and rumors... I heard he was working in Canada, welding up steel lawn and patio furniture for an outdoor furnishings company. That definitely seems like a waste of talent.

So what really happened so nasty to drive one of the great frame builders so FAR away from the cycling industry?


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Chris Chance

There was a short profile in Dirt Rag #100 about Chris and some other bike folks.
I did not dig it out but still have the issue. According to the article he did indeed study Shiatsu (sic?) massage and I believe is doing some design work for a company that makes outdoor products, not necessarily any welding and such.