Is this a real Yo and which year ???


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is there anybody who could give me information about this serial of a Yo:


Real Yo and what year ? Please help !

It seems that there is no serial in that way in the listing of firstflightbikes.

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Doug Carter

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It looks real, though it is one of the "odd" ones with slightly different number designations. Here is my educated guess:

- 175 is the production number of the frame
- Y is the designation for Yo Eddy!
- 1 signifies that this was a 1991 production year frame

...and the odd part

- 9 signifies that this may be a 19.5" frame. Because of the fact that '91 was a transition year in terms of numbering, this "9" pops up on other bikes (Wicked and Fat Chance) on 19" or 19.5" frames. Normally, the last character on '90 to the end of the Somerville era end with a size LETTER, such as L or ML. In '91 the Yo Eddys do some odd things with the size designation sometimes.

That's my edumacated guess based on the other bikes in the registry I have here.

Looks like a real Yo to me, and a '91 Somerville Fat, at that.

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what year is the YO?

Hey Doug,

I would agree with your analysis, but the YO was always sized as S/M/L, never used numerical sizing (unlike the Wicked and regular Fat Chance). I don't have an early YO so I am not too familiar with their serial numbers, what do the others on your list look like?
Also, the YO was introduced before 1991.
When will we be able to look at your list of serial numbers? How many do you have on the list now?


Doug Carter

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Rick, I have 106 bikes on the list right now, though I haven't updated it recently. :? I have one bike on the list showing as a "Large" though it has a "9" on the last number of the serial. It's a '91 without much description in the database, so it may have been an eBay listing or a First Flight-supplied entry, I'm not sure.

From the looks of the database so far, none of their numbering system was very strict or scientific. It's tough to tell when those oddballs pop up like this one.

Kim and I are putting together plans for a new business endeavor right now, so I'm not sure how soon I will get the online registry rolling. I will post the Excel file on the forums this week, though, it justy won't be updated every time I add to it. ;) Lots of bikes in Morgantown, NC listed, though... some guy out there really needs a 12 step process or an intervention. :D



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Hello all,

I am very happy to say that

this Yo is mine ! :p :D

Here the first pictures:




Frame is repaintet (original grellow i think) but decals will be included
in the package.