Letter from Fat City Cycles


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This week-end, while cleaning up, I uncovered an old stash of FAT paperwork, including a few old catalogs, and some instructions on how to install the old press-in BB! (If anyone has a scanner, I'll be glad to send you copies so that you can share with all!)

Anyhow, in the stack of paperwork was a typewritten letter, on Fat City Cycles Stationery from January 3, 1990 -- an answer to a letter I'd forgotten I'd written! I thought I'd paraphrase a bit for you FAT historians.

"...When I recieved your letter in the end of december, I began to ask around to find the necessary info to answer your questions. I asked everyone in the shop, "ever heard of Rock Shoks? Ever heard of anyone who has tried your bike with Rock Shocks? Ever heard of anone who has an opinon one way or the other about how they work?" "No, why?" is the response I usually get. When I explain that this nice person wrote asking what they should know about installing them, etc. people around here usually say "tell 'em Rock Shocks ***** (explicative), and they would be a whole lot better off with a Fat City Unicrown or a Yo Eddy Fork."....What I know is that the geometry on your bike will change dramatically, the headtube should hold up fine becuse we add that great Fat City Guzzet on the down tube......There were a lot of Wickeds at the Worlds in Durango, but of course I don't know anyone who has tried it.....well, the jury is still out, but we're working on it....."

My how things have changed! Regardless of the answer, it's amazing to me that someone at the company took the time to type a letter (a full-page long!) and take a lot of time to research my questions. It's a real testament to what a wonderful company Fat City really was. Hope you all enjoyed the trip down memory lane.



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1990 letter on Rock Shox

HA HA! That was hysterical - took me right back to the first ride I had on my Yo after swapping for a sloppy mag 21. I had gotten so used to banging the big one inch fork into the turns and all of the sudden the geometry and the riding style changed alot. Recently I jumped on one of my friend's specialized fully suspended DH hogs and whomygod that was monsterific sillyness - i can only imagine conversations about wearing crash pads that would make me feel soo old and well out in the woods on my bike to enjoy...the woods? is that sooo wrong? :wink: