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This is my Yo Eddy. Bought it a year ago on eBay. The seller was a nice guy in Boston, Shawn. Paid $720. As I am from Holland a lot of money had to be paid for shipping and duties. Didn't really bother me. I like cars and as a small kid once red a quote from Mr Rolls (or Royce don't know for sure), he said something like: You will still enjoy it at moments you already forgotten the investment you made. Mr Rolls (or Royce) was a wise man. I agree.


YOM1075, eBay pic. Also check out first two attachments for the Yo on eBay.

When it arrived I (of course) couldn't wait to take it out of the box. I soon realized I was a lucky guy cause the bottleholder was totally trashed during the trip :eek: . It was only a cheap Taiwan made thing and things could have been much much worse :wink: . After my first ride I decided to make some modifications. Bought a Zooka at the LBS, had a nice ChrisKing USA headset installed, bought 24 OldSchool pedals (I don't use clickies) and finally a red riserbar came on. Made some very nice trips with the bike and more and more got impressed by it's uniqueness, it's condition and, of course, it's ridingqualities. I was happy :D and ofcourse had to make the common fotoshooting in the backyard.

Check out last two attachments for the backyard pics.

After the backyardshooting things didn't stay the same on the Yo. I added 2.3 tires and a made a good deal with a new Brooks Swift for 50 euro. I like the way the Yo is now. :wink:

Ten years ago I only could dream of bikes like this, now I own one (and a few other bikes) myself. This is the prove: Dreams can come true! Just believe in them.

Some specs:
Yo Eddy #YOM1075 in Aquafade
matching Judy XC with Englund convertion kit
Ringle Zooka stem, Moby post and Skewer seatQR
Kooka cranks and RaceFace BB, both red. Spider blue
Chris King USA headset
XT Vbrakes, hubs and front der.
XTR rear der. and cassette
Salsa Flip Offs Rasta
24 OldSchool pedals
red riser bar (brand? Don't know)
Mavic 238 rims

Not pictured: Brooks Swift seat and 2.3 Conti Vertical tires

Think I covered quite a lot now.

In future I will come up with more pictures of my bike. I will also show you some stuff that came with it from the States.



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Yay! Pictures!

Awesome ride, Melvin. It's beautiful. I'm jealous.

I love that quote from Rolls Royce. I may have to use that in my signature. :D

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I'm not sure how much you had to pay in shipping, but I bet it was still a good deal. Enjoy her for many years to come!


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yup thats 1 of my fave colour Yo paint schemes! Goes particularly well with the anodnised blue post (& future other parts!?) I always thought.

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Unfortunately I am not able to trace the exact quote for you. It should be somewere, but I read it when I was about 9, 10 years old. Although I stored every carmagazine and -book tracing it would be very difficult cause my collection simply is to big and I haven

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Without question my favourite colour scheme, I've been trying to get hold of one in this colour for ages......<sigh> day

Yo Eddy!

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some new shots

I went out with my Yo (I do that often) and a camera. I took some pictures and I ended up with this =>


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Yo Eddy!

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Aauh!, the Yo doesn't like flashlight.

The bike is leaning against a 'Hunnebed'. People were burried in those things thousands of years ago.
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Yo Eddy!

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Thanks for the comment.

I have heard more people saying that. I bought it with red Kooka's and now I am sticking to the red theme. I had the red bar laying around and replaced the flat Bontrager with it. Soon there also will be a red Heylight post with setback. Heylight blue is darker than the Moby's. I think with the darker it should have looked like a mess.

When I only had the frame I would probably also decide to go the more common blue route. Nevertheless the way it is now has also its own attractiveness.


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I really dig the Yo Melvin! That frame is Pristine. I think that red is sweet the way it is...a little goes a long way. The Ringle parts look great too.

Keep pedaling,


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Here a pic of my Yo! with the new 'custom' 29.4 Heylight post =>


Very glad I decided for red instead of the darker Heylight blue. I am happy with the way it works out; red is nicely balanced applied throughout the whole bike now.

more pics
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Now even more Disco!

meat colored Psychos for the Mr. Yo



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Yo Eddy!

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Click pic if you wish to view it in larger format

I do not live in that windmill :redface:
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Do you live in that windmill??

Ha ha, J/K - but seriously - what's the model of your saddle. It looks nice!

Nice pics, great bike!