MK1 SAB shock query


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Mk1 Shock-a-Billy shock options

Hello everybody

Have a Risse Shock that came with the bike but it needs a service and even then I think it'll be too weak for me to use in anger.

Any coil shocks out there that'll fit?

Georgia Cracker

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Risse makes a coil shock, but the travel is so short on the SAB I doubt it would make much difference. It might even be worse. I put a Risse air shock on the SAB I once had, it was much better than the junk that came stock. At the same time I also had a GT LTS that came stock with a coil/oil shock, that I swapped for a Cane Creek AD5 air shock, and it gave it more travel and much smoother travel. You might check with Cane Creek and see if they have anything that fits, they do both air and coil.