My 2 Yo eddy bikes - -ride them every week


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I got lucky enough to snag up some Yo's over the past year. The bikes are simply amazing. I feel like I can take on any downhill with ease riding on it. I had ridden a 91 Marin Rocky Road for many years, along with a 1991 Grove INnovations Hardcore. All of which have been great bikes, but there is something about these Yo's that I just love. And now (17 years later) I can actually afford the bike that I always wanted. Here's some pics for all of you.


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Oh yeah, the purple one I bought for my girlfriend and the Grello/blue fade is mine. Though I must admit, I'm a bit jealous of how sweet her Yo is!!! We have been riding them about 4 days a week and have hit some killer trails with them.


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What year are particular the Grello with metallic blue. It looks like my 1990 frame just a size smaller (see post just before your's). I noticed that if the SN ends in a number it's a 1990 as in 91 they switched to letters indicating the size. Either way, if it is a 90 it's geometry is not corrected for a suspension fork. So if you are going to go with suspension, a fork with 63mm or even less would make it handle more like intended. Like an old mag 21 or a Manitou 1 or 2. The fork on it now looks like it has a lot of travel.

Very nice bikes!!

Spray a little JP Wiegles frame saver in the seat tube once and awhile and they will last a lifetime.


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1991 and 1994

The Grello/blue is a 1991. Handles beautifully as is. I do have a Manitou 2 that I could put on it, but I like the fork on it now. Really bombs on the downhills. The purple metallic is from 1993 or 1994. Both were made in Massachusetts.


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Here are pics of the Grello Yo and the purple Yo. The purple may be for sale soon if anyone is interested.

And a pic of my Grove Innovations suspension bike which is absolutely amazing.


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