My '97 CC Roadbike

I bought a '97 Chris Chance roadbike 58cm, Saphire Fade on ebay back in May & subsiquently rode it from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June, 555 miles. I had done this ride many times before but always on an alluminum bike. The True Temper CC roadbike with segmented fork was an absolute joy to ride! Even though the fork looks like a Yo fork they quite a bit of flex & overall this frameset makes for a terrific long distance traveler.

Here is a picture of Chris with it before I built it up.

This is a picture of me along highway 46 near Paso Robles (with my father & his chinese plastic specialized) 1/2 way to LA.

& A picture of my bike after the 2nd century of the week entering Santa Maria, Ca (SM is where the Michael Jackson trials took place; also home to some great Santa Maria style barbeque).

In case you were wondering the bike is built up with a complete Dura Ace 7700 group (9spd), Chris King Headset, Weyless Seatpost.