My baby.


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Not a fat although I coulda bought a fat for what I paid for her.
Still I don't regret it. Titanium is awesome. nearly 10 years old and she still looks good as new even in her street shoes.


Doug Carter

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Very pretty. I have always wanted a ti bike. Merlin and the Fat Ti have high appeal to me. Yours is very lust-inspiring.


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She'll have new avid ultimate v's and a red zooka by this weekend. Also swapping the rear cassette out for a ti 11-30 and saving another 1/4 lb in the process.

The EFCs in the picture may be up for sale/trade in the future. They are near mint condition. I just want to try something different.

Edited to show new parts.


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Updated pic.


And my baby is now for sale. Never thought I would sell her but I am ready to try new things...
I have a new baby coming together in the shop.