My new Serotta made....

Yo Eddy!

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..T-Max :)


Picked it up about 2 weeks ago. Not visable on the pic, but the black is a black with superdust (tiny glitter particles) - very cool. Since the pic I've made several modifications. I added the a pair of nicely machined ControlTech V-brakes. I have never worked with brakes that easy to adjust. Great stuff. A red USE bar have been mounted to match the USE post nicely. Furthermore a Campa front mech and QRs came on to complement the Icarus cranks, bottom bracket and headset. The red cage had to go in favour of a black one.

The ControlTech brakes are operated by carbon 9.0sl levers - very light! The 9s rear mech (1st 9s bike for me) is also of carbon. It is from the 9.0sl groupset too. Cranks are held by Syncros crank o matic bolts. I am happy with that the Judy is still fresh. BUT icing on the cake is of course the frame made of MaxOR heavily ovalized tubing. Neatly made, very neatly made :cool: The folks at Serotta knew how to hold a torch.

Can tell bike looks even more aestheticly pleasing after the modifications. Hope to have more pics up soon.


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Smashing bike Melvin! Mind if I ask how much you paid? Good thing it is in the right hands: keep it in shape, but do ride it hard ;-)

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It was not that cheap that the price was my main buying ground ....but the money doesn't buy you a Yo fork. It is somewhere in between :D


Yes, all the Miyatas are pretty much starting look like a collection now. Some loose elements in my stable from Grove, Rafty, Verlicchi, Vitus, Panasonic (several), Fat of course ...and even Cannondale - all bikes I thought would cool to have/ride. The 'dale =>

1987 Cannondale SM800

It looks like someone bought it, put it in box and stored it warm and comfy for 20yrs. Actually it doesn't feel right to use it. It hasn't been moved a single meter since I got it :rolleyes: It is more something for in a museum, to inform future generations on how a mountainbike looked like in '87.
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On the 'dale: From what I am saying it is easy to destilate that I am pretty unsure on what to do with it. Everytime I take a look at it am watching with open mounth, because of its uniques, its condition and the use of quality materials. A lot metal, solid brake levers, ring on the seat qr - touches like that. Take a look yourself:

The pics can be enlarged.

Great piece, but would feel guilt riding it. It could be it comes on the market soon ...or anyway I am open to offers.


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Nice T max. I always wanted one of those.
BTW I know where you can get a near complete campy group if you are so inclined. It's expensive though.

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Thanks for notifying lucifer. Found out the bike is too steep for me. I have always been a big ring pushing dude who needs lots of setback. Over the years I managed it to move a tiny bit forward, but I do not think the Serotta is made for me.

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Yeah, the toptube is indeed not the longest ever, but I do not have a problem with that.

Of course the no setback post and probably the 170mm cranks also contribute to the 'steep' feeling.

Scanned a review, but not everybody will be able to read it unfortunately :redface:

Serotta T-Max review, FIETS September 1992