My stable [sorry no pics yet]


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Brodie Catalyst Old 7 speed xt with brodie fork & stem
Brodie Expresso Pro forx Control tech and topline
Brodie Sovereign Interloc tl-5 anti dive fork pauls deraileurs and white industries wheels and cranks
Mountain Goat mudslinger 92 XTR with umma gumma tires and EFC fork
Yeti PRO FRO 92 XTR Rock Shox Mag 21 all ti accessories [brand new]
Rocky Mountain Blizzard white black paint scheme and tires old 7 speed XT
WTB Phoenix all WTB parts EFC fork [brand new]
Salsa Ala Carte jelly bean paint scheme rasta chris king and pauls parts with Bontrager fork
Salsa Ala Carte 04 frame wih 03 lx limeted black and gold groupo
Klein Adept Pro with Xt groupo and sid fork
Schwinn peleton pro with Ultegra groupo
Surly instigator pike fork profile racing hubs and cranks hope brakes
Gary Fisher Supercaliber 29er White bros. fork x-o and x-9 gears avid ultimate brakes thomson parts

Working on getting pics up soon many old school parts aswell.Peace out.


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I need to see these pics - wow!

Salsa Jellybean! and the Mountain Goat sounds superb...