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You can't post pictures on the forums from your computer's hard drive. They need to be on a web server somewhere, then you post the direct link to the image, with the image tags around the link.

We are working on a way to upload images directly to our server for posting. But until then, then need to be on the web to view.

Also, most people don't know this, but most web service providers GIVE you server space with your online & e-mail account (Comcast, AOL, etc.). You might look into it to see if you already have a personal server location.



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djuc (check the member list!) can host pics for you ti-fat man :)
you're coming to the retro meet in cheddar yeh ;D

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This is an absolutely spectacular bike...


Specs as supplied by Alan...

1995 Titanium Fat
S/M #001

Fork: Rock Shock Judy SL (with replacement Judy DH left slider due to crimp damage of hope disc clamp on the original)
Headset: Chris King (with no laser etchings)
Stem: Ringle 135mm zero rise
Bars: Yeti
Barends: Onza Pro, Ti bolts
Shifters: Shimano XT thumbies
Brakes: Grafton Speed Controllers. (Blue front