Need some advice on Yo decal colors


I am all ready to send in my first Yo for a repaint (in team violet) and am not sure about my decal color selection.

All team violet Yos I've seen had the black/yellow decals, so that appears to be the way they came. But to me the yellow isn't quite right on the violet. I was thinking that silver/black might be better?

Now for my white Yo I was thinking either the black/pink or silver/black, or buy two sets and make them black/black.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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My team violet came with black and yellow. I think black and pink would look good. I almost went that way. I am not sure silver will not stand out. Just my opinion.


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I've imagined redoing mine in violet with the black/pink. I think it'd look great.

On white I'd go black/yellow.

Where are you going to get them refinished?


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My '92 Team Violet came with black/pink. Don't know is this was rare, but i haven't seen many Team Violets with these decals.

Sorry for the quality of the pic, but it's a scan of a picture taken in '94:)


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I like the pink/violet decals but those are not available from Rody so I have to go with what he can provide. So, I guess black/yellow it is.

I don't think I can do black/yellow on the white... we'll see.

I'm getting them painted by Russ Pickett.


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it's really a personal thing

I would go, black and silver on both, that way you don't paint your way into a color scheme

but I don't think you can make a wrong choice pink, black or yellow for the violet...

On the white it's neutral, your choice is wide open, provided the type face shows, black, pink, yellow.
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Well, I think I'm going to stay with black/yellow on the M in Team Violet.

On another note, I will keep my Salsa moto roller stem for the L and use a plain Jane Salsa stem on the M with a headset mounted cable hanger.

Thanks for all the advice and suggestions!