Neglected FAT's in need for help

Yo Eddy!

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From the German Vintage forum ( ):

Unlucky Yo:

Another neglected Fat:

More of those pictures out there?

Maybe a campaign should be started to make people aware of the uniqueness of their Fat. :lol:
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Doug Carter

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Ugh, I think I just had chest pains. Someone needs to rescue those poor bikes.

I'm sure there are a lot more out there that those two. :x



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What I dont understand is how some1 could use a FAT like that as a beater bike unless they got it waaay cheap? that 2nd FAT looks to have a syncros ti post(!?)

maybe you should mail them & offer them $100 a piece doug ;)


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Hi all! I introduced myself up at the top of the forum - new member - Hello all!

UH oh! Hope you guys don't see a picture of my 98 Wicked! It makes both of those bikes look like showroom models. :oops:

I figure it's built well, and happiest when used hard -- and even if it looks like crap, it doesn't mean it's not loved, right? :)

I'll post pics sometime soon!


Yo Eddy!

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more neglected Fats


Look who's there in the background! :p



After those pics I rescued it and it's now safely and comfy stored in my warm appartment. :lol:
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I agree with Raj. I beat up bike often means that it's well used and ridden. And it's ridden that much, someone must love it.

My beater (not a fat) looks like crap, but if someone took it I'd be bummed.


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For what it's worth Chris Chance has said on the record many times that he hopes his frames will continue to be used as commuters and what not long after their trail days have passed. So in a sense these are the ultimate fats.


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How are they being neglected they are being used and ridden not sitting and rotting for lack of use. You have to remember Fats were sold to everyone who wanted a frame that would last life time of uses not one specific use. You guys seem to think they spefically should only be muddy you need to relize fender and rack mounts were there for a reason. More fats were used for commuting and week end play than any other bike of the age. The reason they were used that way was because they could take it and continue on that way for the life of the frame.
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Yo Eddy!

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It has never been my intention to start a discussion on this. It was only my intention to post some fun pics of beaters.

But okay. I (you guys :confused: ) think that at least the 1st two could better have been in other hands. To me it seems their owner really don't give a sh*t whether the ride a FAT. They probably would have been equally happy with a 25yr old Gazelle or Batavus 'Hollandrad', French tourer or less. Pretty sure >10 people out there who would be way better served with them (and better carring)