new fat to join the family


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well I just wanted to see who else has a new fat coming their way.
still trying to figure color and I am hopeful Chris can give me bike #39 too

so lets see,
48y4sm started life as aqua fade and was repainted sapphire fade when a dent was removed - son Julian rides (reg#24) have BOI painted to match - mix of Mavic and XTR BB is chamfered for the Mavic BB

478y3m Orange bike will be painted Aqua Fade for other son Alex, who has been on my AMP (reg #416) full XT

my 94 sapphire fade painted 3 color team paint with matching BOI and a SID XTR and Shinny stuff

424y4ml sapphire fade incase one of the boys gets bigger than me (has tange struts painted to match) (have xt -xtr mix for this build with a Carbon fiber Girvin)

wife rides a Mongoose Comp SX (she made me buy a second frame as a back up too) full LX

and my AMP when I rode for Service Cycle / Mongoose in the 90's - all SACHS quartz with a preproduction rock sox red judy