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New member here from Southern California. I just bought a Wicked Fat off eBay but it has not arrived yet, (see eBay listing photo attached) so while looking around the net for info on Fat Chance I found this site. I was a huge fan of Fat bikes during my college days but could not afford one so I am pretty excited about this purchase. Plus Fats have such cool names, I mean seriously a bike called Wicked?

Anyway I mainly collect road bikes but I do have several older MTBs as well including a ’90 Santana Moda, ’89 Stumpjumper and a ‘95 Stumpjumper. The Fat will be the best of the crop.

Will post more pics when it arrives



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Wickeds are subtle and capable of things you wouldn't think of by looking at their old school lay out.
I am so glad i have one. It made me a better rider. It's the most comfortable bike i own, my favourite ride. My other bike is an Ibis MOjo so i've got something special to compare.
It climbs w/ a light feel. It descends technical drops like they were half the steepness and on top of everything it looks and rides like an innocent all around bike. It's that cool.


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Thank you to all who welcomed me into the community. The bike is still in transit (frowney face) but is supposed to be here by the end of the week. Fortunately for me I have all next week off so I will be able to fully exercise the Wicked.