Newbie after some info on his Yo.


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Hello all, stumbled across this site whilst trying to find some info on my Yo Eddy. It Aqua fade with mostly blue and green ringle, proshift and Hope bits. I'll get some photo's of it loaded up when I find out how to. Anyway's the frame number is 435Y4ML (I think, hard to see when the paints so thick). It's currently running Pace forks but I've just located a set of powder blue SID SL's which aer more in keeping with te bikes american origins. It's set up old school, no rise stem, flat bars with bar end's, original XTR chainset and Mech's of Pete Tomkins bike. It rides sweet as and climbs like a bitch. Let me know when there's going to be any group rides going off and if I can I'll join in.

Doug Carter

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It's a 1994 (Somerville) in a Medium/Large (18").

If you hould ever decide to part with it, let me know. :D