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I've been lurking for some time.

I wanted a purple wicked back in 88 the first time I saw one.

But I was still at school, and there was no way it was going to happen.

A fat always seemed so far out of reach growing up in the UK.

I promised my self one day I'd have one, by the time I could afford one, Fat were no more.

For the last four years I've been hunting down the bike of my dreams.

Hopefully some kind soul here can help me!

Happy trails
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Welcome to Fatcogs! Glad to have someone else on board that felt the passion for the fats back in the day & is keeping the flame going! I too was in love with the Fats at the bike shop I worked in from '89-'93 but couldn't afford one then as I was also a starving student. For me it was the Grello Fade Yo Eddy's we started to get around 1990. Hope to see you pick up a Fat soon.



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i can relate... saw a Fat Wicked, yellow on a bike shop while visiting NYC. Never forgot it. Always looking to get one till finnally, 4 yrs ago, i built myself a wicked. It's my only bike right now. The more technical the trail, the better...
Had Litespeed, GT, Trek, KHS. Still have an Ibis MOjo and Mikkelsen. I could only bring one bike on a big trip and chose my wicked.
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