Non-suspension corrected BOI


I always thought that all BOIs were non-suspension corrected with the exception of the BOI used on the 10th Anniversary bikes.

Is this true or could you get a non-susp corrected BOI made to order??

It seems to me that after 93 (late 92 even) all Fats went to susp corrected geometry so there would be no need to make anything other than a susp corrected BOI.

I ask because I have a non-susp corrected BOI and am trying to decide if I should hold out for a 10th Fat that's missing a fork or if it's common enough to use on a plain jane Yo non-susp corrected Yo.



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I bought a 91 wicked from a member on the site that had Igleheart build a non suspension corrected BOI for the bike.

I would check the rake on yours...

I always thought original BOIs were all suspension corrected to some degree, getting longer as the years past.

For reference I have a BOI on a 93/94 wicked lite that is 410 AC....this was an option i believe and has a rake that is line with a wicked geometry.

Finally, I have a BOI on a 98 YO that is 420 AC...

I am sure someone else on the site can give you the real skinny...