Number #1 Sought after 26'' rim


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IN the Forums opinion what is the Rim (26") that is most sought after to build a wheelset with ? Best looking for aesthetics I was thinking Mavic 231 Dark Grey Ceramics
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i think Mavic 231s came spec on most bikes….

I personally like the SUP versions, i have a set. Had to wait to find a NOS pair - to build up.

Mavic 217 hard anodized rims are nice too, but not a stock item

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I was always a really big fan of the Bontrager BCX 2's super light they had a unique single wall construction and were very durable for what they were.


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Mavic 217s. That was our go to rim for wheel build from about 95 on. Strong, easy to build up, and have the added benefit today of being able to be run tubeless pretty easily.

Prior to that, probably RM17/20/25s, Ritchey Vantage of some variety or any of the aforementioned Mavics.
I really like the mavic ceramics on ck hubs (this is what I run). But, if your asking what is the most sought after...well, we might have to look at value after all these years. I used to run the spinergy rev x roks on my FS super v cannondale years ago. I got rid of the frame, but I kept the wheels and even ran them on my fat for fun. They have kept their value up for some reason. Not saying it's the best choice, but it's apparently still valued.