Old School Parts, if interested...

Doug Carter

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Hey guys, I have a chance to acquire some parts from a bike shop that had one of those "boxes" of stuff they couldn't sell, and there are some pieces of interest that some of you may want.

Would any if this stuff be of interest to anyone here? Most, if not all, is new...

(1) Red Ringle rear hub
Lots of purple anodized Coda cantilever brakes NOS
(1) Seal kit for old Rock Shox Mag 30/10 I think
Long travel kits for the same shock.
(1) XRay 800 shifter
(1) NOS Syncros 26.4 seatpost (short, 230mm)
(2) 29.4 Syncros posts NOS (long)
(1) green ACX or something rear hub
(1 set) NOS Syncros non disc hubs

Some of it listed may be staying at my house for an extended vacation, so I can't make any promises as to what will be turned around, but there is a good chance I can get any of these pieces if you are interested... and I like trades, too. :)

yo' djblu

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DID someone say PURPLE.. u got levers I would be really interested...
hook me up with the info if any and LOVE LOVE this site.

Doug Carter

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Looks like I am meeting with the guy tomorrow or Saturday. I'll make a list and see what I can come up with. I have had a lot of interest in the Turner frameset I am trying to sell, too. I wish I could get this thing out of here in exchange for cash, because it would certainly make it easier to buy a road frame...

Though, finding a stash of old NOS parts is pretty cool. I may even be able to work a set of Spinergys out of the deal, too. :D


Doug Carter

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Bad news, guys, the deal fell through. He could only get his hands on a few things, and the stuff he found wasn't enough for the trade for my Turner. I wound up selling to somone in the UK instead who could pay for the whole thing in cold, hard cash.

The hubs were pretty, but everything I have heard and read about them said they were REALLY bad news.

The posts were NOS, and I am still working on getting all three of them, so I will keep you updated.

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