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Old school suspension parts sale


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Judy SL crown and misc parts this crown is used but only had one ride on it. $35 shipped in the US

Mag 21 and it's variants crown threaded 1 1/8" used $25 shipped in the US

Answer/ Manitou shock parts kit MBRO I truly have no idea of the worth of these.

All shipping is included via USPS in the US only, international will be actual shipping costs.

Payment is by USPS MO or other such secure payment.

e-mail is bssc*AT*comcast*.* net. (robot prevention address, edit to normal style to e-mail)


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Doug Carter

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email sent on the Judy steerer.


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BTW the Judy crown is 1 1/8 the only size a SL crown was made in this one is from an FSX Judy.

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Answer/ Manitou parts sold pending payment

I am quite open to offers on the rest of the parts.