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After looking around this site I think that I have maybe answered my own question which was -what year is my bike. I just don't love the answer. My serial number is either C30W36 or O30W36. Which, if I understand correctly, means that my Wicked Lite is a 93? It doesn't jibe with my timeline of high school graduation '87 undergrad '91 and I was pretty sure that I bought my bike while I was still in college. But, admittedly my time space continuum has big holes.
It is a 16.5 frame so the 6 at the end makes sense I just can't wrap my head around the 1993 part.
I am going to post pictures that I just took a few minutes ago. No slagging me off because I put on a kickstand and didn't tidy it up. It has slicks because my daughter uses it to ride to school. It is getting too small for her so I was going to sell it to pay for a new bike. I would like to sell it to someone who would ride it in the woods because that is where she belongs. I don't know how much she is worth so I am hoping to crowd source the answer. I appreciate any help that you can give me. I understand that this site requires a price "for sale" items- fair enough.
I feel sad to sell but it just doesn't fit either if us any more and bikes were made to be ridden not hung up in a garage gathering dust. You will see dings and scratches- its my velveteen rabbit. Most OG parts (all the important ones are original)
I know that I am preaching to the choir but this is the best bike that I have ever ridden in my life and without being redundant it really is WICKED light. Like wicked light. (yes I'm from MA- Arlington actually or Ahhlington) But the angles and trajectory are all wrong for slicks and commuting. It is a mountain bike through and through.


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I was going to say it's a '93 16" bike - don't know about the C30 part.

I'd say you're looking at $500 - $600.