Original Team Yo Eddy


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I am new to the forum, great to know Fat City bikes live on! I own a Team Yo Eddy which I have taken great care of since day one. The paint is still flawless, no chips or dings. The bike is all original right down to Peter Whites stickers on the rims. Peter White was the original outside contractor who made the rims for Fat City Cycles, he lived in Acton, Ma. The bike is set up with the entire Campagnolo off road group which was offered by Campy for a short time. The fork is the Judy SL Rock Shock, original fork is still in the box, head set is Chris King.
The handle bars next to the bike are the origainal ones which came on the bike, they are marked "True Tempered Steel" along the the Fat City logo. When I viisted the shop in Sommerville at the end of my tour they gave me the frisbee, waterbottles and the box of bandages. I still have three Fat City t-shirts, two catalogs from 97 & 99. There is an older catalog around somewhere with great colored pictures of the earlier bikes. The bike was made in the Sommerville shop, I believe I bought it sometime in the early ninties ? will have to check out the serial #. Well hope you enjoy the pictures. If you need pictues for restoration purposes let me know.


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Stunning! I'm a great fan of the Campy off-road gruppos. Do you know which group you have? It looks like Centaur to me, but the brakes look like Icarus or Record OR. Could you post some close ups?


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It's cool to see the old but pristine still exist. I agree ^^ put the Yo fork on there. :)

Very cool.