Our FAT stable - Harlequin Metallica and Sapphire Fade


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Here is my 1994 Harlequin Metallica YoEddy converted to a commuter bike, my wife's 1998 Sapphire Fade YoEddy, and my current non-FAT mountain bike that rides just like my old YoEddy.

I tried to get some nice pictures of the Harlequin Metallica, but this frame is heavily used. I bought it new and raced it for over 10 years. The last 10 years have seen it become my foul weather commuter and wear and tear is almost as brutal. I have been thinking of getting this bike sandblasted and repainted since there is surface rust all over the chain stay and a few other places.

Both YoEddy's were built in the Saratoga plant, but the IF was built in Somerville. :) I have nothing bad to say about the Saratoga plant - my road bike is a Ti Serotta.

black side:

Showing the attention to detail with this side to side fade paint job:

silver side:

My wife's Sapphire Fade YoEddy with a blue SID:

My current non-FAT mountain bike:

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Nice to see the Fat had a second career. One of my favorite Indy paint schemes.

Yes, I love the bike, but couldn't keep it running as a MTB. It has a 1" headtube and I couldn't find suspension forks after my Judy SL blew out. I also use it for dirt road roads so this bike does get some epic dirt climbs (Lincoln Gap...) and not just city commute duty.

I am waffling about what to do about the paint. I definitely need to sand a bunch of surface rust. I could touch it up and it will be rust free, but I am considering a fully paint job and I would probably go with a more colorful paint scheme.


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Welcome to FatCogs! Great fleet of bikes. Nice to see another Vermonter here, I live just over the bridge in Winooski, good to know there are others with shared interest living locally. You probably already saw the post, but there is a Fat reunion happening in Stowe at the end of the month.

See you around!