Painting the Fat

Fatatious One

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Hello fellow Fat Freaks, coming on board with a Wicked that I picked up today.
Question is, how to proceed with restoration. Have never done one before.
The current color is red for the main triangle and white for the rear. The paint and
decals are in pretty rough condition. Who in the Ma. N.H area can do a quality paint job, and how may I go about getting some decals. Thanks all, Steve


I use for decals. The decals are of awesome quality and the price is very reasonable. The head tube sticker that came with my Wicked kit was a little small but just email them, the lady's name is Christine, and ask her for a 2.5" tall head tube sticker. I have a coupon code too you can use. I believe it's still valid.

You can get 100% perfect replicas from a guy named Gil in the UK but he charges over twice as much.

Fatatious One

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Thanks for the info. Can't wait to ride my Wicked through the streets of Somerville this summer, probably during a Critical Mass ride.