Photo's of decals needed..please


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OK, so I've bought myself a 1990 Wicked Fat Chance serial # 396W08 that's in dire need of a little TLC (new paint job and decals) I haven't actually got it in my greasy mitts yet as it's coming from across the pond...but I can hardly wait!

I know that I may be able to source new decals via Wendyll in the States (does she still do them?) but I know someone who can reproduce decals as long as he's got some good photo's to work with (he did me a full set for my Kona King Kahuna and they are v.good) This is hopefully where you Wicked riders come in!

Is there any chance of emailing me some piccies of all the decals on the Wicked frame and giving me the measurements of each one? (Or perhaps take the picture with a ruler next to the decal?) The more information (and pictures!) the better, so he can get the images as accurate as possible. I'd be as grateful as a very grateful person.:D

Obviously if they come out good enough I'll spill the beans on my contact (if others are interested), don't think that they'll be as cheap as Wendyll's though. I'm thinking of taking this route as I'm not sure what colour/scheme to have the frame done in and the decals will have to match....

Think it'll work?

Thanks very much for any assistance.