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I could not help myself, I had to build her up to see those sleek lines again. Ive had this bike for opver 2 years and still not ridden it more than one mile probably. It has been in another island most of that time though! Heres some pics of it as it stands so far. You can see some of the Team Violet under the mucho bad black paint job. I have a coupla questions that I would welcome som,e feedback on. The Judy SL on it is not original but I do have a Mag 21 that is mint really except for the steerer being 1 1/8. Should I stick with the Judy or persevere with the Mag? Im leaning toward the Judy as I wanna ride it! I want to get a 1 inch threadless stem in that case. Any suggestions?

The paint needs some work obviously...I want to go with Team Violet but sourcing it here in NZ could be a nightmare and I may end up with something way off the mark!

Front derailleurs? I just clicked to what that extra bolt on the seat tube does! Do I need to use it or could I get a top pull? No pulley there either

Seat clamps. Ive got Salsa FlipOffs for the wheels so I guess that answers that.

BBs. Its just got an XT 110mm in that the correct size?

As for the rest of the bike...its all M900 XTR 'cept for the seatpost (XT) and front derailleur (none). White Industries wheels, King 1 inch HS.

So now to strip and protect the frame, decide on a colour, and sort out the other bits and bobs on #643Y3M


PS If anyone is interested in an old (92?)Control Tech stem, 150mm!!! 1 1/8 threaded a local auction site has one for about $10 US. Heres the link. I could help out with the postal and purchase side down here.
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